The power of books – camouflage in the waterways

  I’ve always suspected the protective power of books, the sense of sanctuary in a library or bookshop, and the calm that descends when reading. In his novel, Steven Hall describes the ┬áintriguing premise that all human minds are linked by vast ‘streams’ of language and thought, and, swimming through these streams, are thought-fish. Not […]

A portal to another dimension

Ok this could be a post about one of my heros and his particular poetic, and scientifically sound view on the universe, but sadly I am no astrophysicist and any comment I could make would only be assanine and therefore trite – not that I don’t ever give it a bash, just not right here […]

Library office conversations…

So I was in the middle of discussing e-resource license metadata, and uploading it to our e-resource management system, when I was distracted by a colleague eating his salt & vinegar McCoys – the alleged ‘man crisps’….I couldn’t just ignore this, and had to pipe up that if crisps had genders, then surely Phileas Fogg […]