CPD23 Plymouth event 30th September 2011 – how it went

Plymouth Event: CPD23 ‘Real life networking’ meet up on Friday 30th September The Bank, Plymouth City Centre Finally……the reflection! This summer saw information professionals from all over the world take part in ’23 things for professional development’, an online programme hosted by several new professionals outlining 23 ‘Things’ that would be useful personal development for any […]

CPD23: Wrapping up

CPD23 has been an excellent online personal development programme, and in reviewing my initial goal I think its time that I wrapped this thing up….. Firstly, I already used several social media tools to gain a network of contacts.  I wanted to review why I want contacts and how I can use them. I was hoping […]

10 realistic yet motivational facts!

Information and knowledge management people are a hardy bunch. What I didn’t know was ahead of me when I embarked on this journey 10 years ago was this:  Information management people have to be resilient in terms of skills and mindset. We are intrepid. Get noticed. Be professional. Express yourself. Engage and give feedback. Try to be […]

‘Library’ in parts…..

   I have been inspired to write a follow up post to What constitutes ‘library’? after its slightly controversial reception, positive comments and appearance in the Cilip Information World Weekly e-Bulletin. I wonder how many people are lovers of books and without calling it something new that I heard in a slippery slope Daytime TV […]

CPD23: Sharing our experiences of the programme

Thursday 21st July saw my first ‘local’ #cpd23 catch up with my colleagues (Jonas couldn’t make it but I’d had a chat with him last Monday). Elena has been blogging about her experiences with the programme, as has Sarah and Jonas. If you read any of them, you’ll see that we all have quite different […]

CPD23: Thing 5 Reflection

What an excellent (and right sized) post from Natalia (she’s a normal, human, librarian). I opened several others and the reems of erudite offerings made me what to quit reflective practice immediately! In the spirit of #cpd23 I also discovered another blog on reflective practive from Solo Librarian. Firstly I just want to say, that […]

Advocacy issues….

….cut to me in a pencil skirt, heels and glasses – Yes of course we all look like this! Come and read more about this over on High Visibility Cataloguing. Not so long ago, we had a bit of a twitter ‘chat’ about image in the library and decided that although some people wear jeans, most of […]

Twitter book club #catbkchat

Just a quick reminder that we’re going to be discussing section 3 (of 4) of Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century on Friday 1st April.  So far #catbkchat is going very well, and we’re able to capture any discussions using this hashtag. Our intention is to harvest the tweets and any other comments made on the […]

Navigating the ‘ether’ as a professional activity

I was directed to a post about how libraries and librarians use social networking tools to keep up to date and also to promote #savelibraries as part of Voices for the Library campaign against the closure of a plethora of libraries courtesy of David Cameron who has probably wondered what the hell he pays librarians […]