My local libraries

If you were in any doubt that in any relative distance, north, south, east or west, from where you are living, that there is a plethora of knowledge, social culture, history and technology, all for free, then look around you! Beautiful buildings, extensive collections, customer service and guidance…. Burnham On Sea Public Library The purpose-built […]

What does ‘Embedded Librarian’ mean?

Over on LinkedIn there is a discussion about what the term ’embedded librarian’ means, if anything at all! The consensus seems to be that it means a library or information professional working within a team (usually clinical?) outside of the library walls. I think there’s slightly more to it than that. I came across this […]

CILIP Update: GCHQ, how refreshing

This months (October 2011) CILIP Update included a piece about GCHQ: Official site of the UK Government Communications Headquarters which is the centre for Her Majesty’s Government’s Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities. These are my thoughts. ‘I don’t recruit a records manager, or legislation experts, or web content managers, I recruit information professionals. Understand that I […]

CPD23: Wrapping up

CPD23 has been an excellent online personal development programme, and in reviewing my initial goal I think its time that I wrapped this thing up….. Firstly, I already used several social media tools to gain a network of contacts.  I wanted to review why I want contacts and how I can use them. I was hoping […]

10 realistic yet motivational facts!

Information and knowledge management people are a hardy bunch. What I didn’t know was ahead of me when I embarked on this journey 10 years ago was this:  Information management people have to be resilient in terms of skills and mindset. We are intrepid. Get noticed. Be professional. Express yourself. Engage and give feedback. Try to be […]

‘Library’ in parts…..

   I have been inspired to write a follow up post to What constitutes ‘library’? after its slightly controversial reception, positive comments and appearance in the Cilip Information World Weekly e-Bulletin. I wonder how many people are lovers of books and without calling it something new that I heard in a slippery slope Daytime TV […]

CPD23: Things 10 and 11, Qualifications and Mentoring

Routes into ‘librarianship’ (information management), qualifications and mentoring. Huge, huge, great big subject! And anyway, on a personal level it should probably be ‘routes in and back out of librarianship’! Firstly here is how the land lies: I started volunteering in the local Community college LRC about 10 years ago and decided that it was THE […]

CPD23: Skipping Things

I’m going to totally hold my hands up and say Things 6 through 9 have been skipped, although not completely. Really, its because I already use Google calendars, am not interested in Evernote, have already attempted to facilitate real life networking (see previous post on sharing our experiences) and am already a member of Cilip […]