The Library of Unrequited Love ~ Sophie Divry

The Library of Unrequited Love – a s0liloquy This book is probably going to be something other than what you were expecting. However, I am delighted to say, the Librarians’ soliloquy is one that we have all experienced or are experiencing – that constant narrative in your head, that portions of, sometimes unwittingly, end up […]

What is it about books that matters?

Why do we keep books, spend money on books, and keep looking after them in libraries? When I think of saving Libraries, I always think about how and why books captivate me. Firstly I want to highlight an article by David Pearson, Guildhall Library, that was written up in the Cilip Rare Books and Collections Group […]

What constitutes ‘library’?

“A shelf of books in a village hall is not a library. A phonebox full of books is not a library. A pub with some books is not a library.” Over the weekend, an esteemed tweep posted his thoughts on what is not a library after reading the report in the guardian about how libraries […]

Library Professionals for Librarianship (part 1)

And what do I mean by that? I’m big on the postive advocacy for Libraries on the whole right now, but in the meantime, can I just do some positive campaigning for Library Professionals who are actually interested in Librarianship please! Sustainable library roles – looking to the future:  a professional approach Doing a Masters […]

Voices for the Library

Voices for the Library is a website promoting the need for and value of library professionals (as opposed to the much promulgated radical volunteer crew that our coalition government are shouting about). We all need to get behind this one – lets share our stories and points of view, experiences and thoughts on what we […]