CPD23: Things 10 and 11, Qualifications and Mentoring

Routes into ‘librarianship’ (information management), qualifications and mentoring. Huge, huge, great big subject! And anyway, on a personal level it should probably be ‘routes in and back out of librarianship’! Firstly here is how the land lies: I started volunteering in the local Community college LRC about 10 years ago and decided that it was THE […]

CPD23: Skipping Things

I’m going to totally hold my hands up and say Things 6 through 9 have been skipped, although not completely. Really, its because I already use Google calendars, am not interested in Evernote, have already attempted to facilitate real life networking (see previous post on sharing our experiences) and am already a member of Cilip […]

Suspending training…..

Having received this email, I wanted to talk about how I’ve found recently that cuts seem to be coming at us all at different speeds. Where some people are being granted more money for development, other people (like myself a member of Cilip, but also in my place of employment) are suffering (possibly over dramatic) […]

Advocacy issues….

….cut to me in a pencil skirt, heels and glasses – Yes of course we all look like this! Come and read more about this over on High Visibility Cataloguing. Not so long ago, we had a bit of a twitter ‘chat’ about image in the library and decided that although some people wear jeans, most of […]

Twitter book club #catbkchat

Just a quick reminder that we’re going to be discussing section 3 (of 4) of Conversations with Catalogers in the 21st Century on Friday 1st April.  So far #catbkchat is going very well, and we’re able to capture any discussions using this hashtag. Our intention is to harvest the tweets and any other comments made on the […]