CPD23: Wrapping up

CPD23 has been an excellent online personal development programme, and in reviewing my initial goal I think its time that I wrapped this thing up….. Firstly, I already used several social media tools to gain a network of contacts.  I wanted to review why I want contacts and how I can use them. I was hoping […]

CPD23: Skipping Things

I’m going to totally hold my hands up and say Things 6 through 9 have been skipped, although not completely. Really, its because I already use Google calendars, am not interested in Evernote, have already attempted to facilitate real life networking (see previous post on sharing our experiences) and am already a member of Cilip […]

Summer solstice: reflection, review and new goals

Seems like another good time to have a think about things. Reflection: Since my last reflection I’ve found myself transitioning into yet another new role (I can’t believe I blogged about the need for this role in October 2010) which I hope will have some ‘future proofing’ although at this juncture I suppose I’m not 100% convinced […]

Suspending training…..

Having received this email, I wanted to talk about how I’ve found recently that cuts seem to be coming at us all at different speeds. Where some people are being granted more money for development, other people (like myself a member of Cilip, but also in my place of employment) are suffering (possibly over dramatic) […]