The power of books – camouflage in the waterways

  I’ve always suspected the protective power of books, the sense of sanctuary in a library or bookshop, and the calm that descends when reading. In his novel, Steven Hall describes the  intriguing premise that all human minds are linked by vast ‘streams’ of language and thought, and, swimming through these streams, are thought-fish. Not […]

Ten things to bring you back in to the library world ~ a list

I have struggled in earnest to return to Librarianship since leaving it behind in 2011. I have had other distractions and happy days, but never more have I felt the need to re-engage with a career that I am positive and passionate about as now. So here is my to do list which may help […]

What is it about books that matters?

Why do we keep books, spend money on books, and keep looking after them in libraries? When I think of saving Libraries, I always think about how and why books captivate me. Firstly I want to highlight an article by David Pearson, Guildhall Library, that was written up in the Cilip Rare Books and Collections Group […]

What does ‘Embedded Librarian’ mean?

Over on LinkedIn there is a discussion about what the term ’embedded librarian’ means, if anything at all! The consensus seems to be that it means a library or information professional working within a team (usually clinical?) outside of the library walls. I think there’s slightly more to it than that. I came across this […]

Stanford 1971: True psychology students!

So, the Stanford prison experiment may be one of the best known psychology experiments especially as it ended somewhat prematurely and dramatically. The experiment is widely cited and examined in psychology programs online and in universities nationwide. Mainly because, the notion of switching roles, and how quickly and easily people engaged with their new roles […]

What constitutes ‘library’?

“A shelf of books in a village hall is not a library. A phonebox full of books is not a library. A pub with some books is not a library.” Over the weekend, an esteemed tweep posted his thoughts on what is not a library after reading the report in the guardian about how libraries […]

CPD23: Things 10 and 11, Qualifications and Mentoring

Routes into ‘librarianship’ (information management), qualifications and mentoring. Huge, huge, great big subject! And anyway, on a personal level it should probably be ‘routes in and back out of librarianship’! Firstly here is how the land lies: I started volunteering in the local Community college LRC about 10 years ago and decided that it was THE […]

A portal to another dimension

Ok this could be a post about one of my heros and his particular poetic, and scientifically sound view on the universe, but sadly I am no astrophysicist and any comment I could make would only be assanine and therefore trite – not that I don’t ever give it a bash, just not right here […]