Book magick

Books are so much more than they first appear.  Not only are they pure escapism, a chance to become something or someone else, a sanctuary, therapy, self-help, informative, pages of wonder and delight, but they are also time travel portals.

As objects in any era, they can provide evidence on the social values and beliefs of the time in which it was written. The body of knowledge within the binding can often contain so much more than the text.

As rare objects made before the advent of mass production, books can reveal a plethora of information about the society in which it was fabricated – industry, technology, values and beliefs, social etiquette, social status and self-presentation, information on import and export trends, materials that were available and why we used them. All of this and so much more if the book has provenance or readers notes.

Take another look at your book because it has “magick”…




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