Anthropology – Your relationship with your book

Definition of anthropology in English:


The study of humankind, in particular:

1. (also cultural or social anthropology) The comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development.

2. (also physical anthropology) The science of human zoology, evolution, and ecology.


Anthropology is most simply defined as the study of humans through time.  In studying a human culture, a social anthropologist studies the material culture of the people in question as well as the people themselves and their interactions with others and things.  An anthropologist looks at the object itself, its context, and the way it was manufactured and used in order to understand the social culture in which it featured.

So think of your relationship with your book or books…

  • Is is a paperback or hardback binding?
  • Is it printed in English or another language?
  • Where was it printed?
  • When was it printed?
  • Have you borrowed it from the Library, and does it have a Library stamp?
  • If you own it, does it have any previous owners?
  • Have any previous owners written in it?
  • Have you written in it?

What is the social life of your book?

What will your book tell others about you, and also about the era that we live in?

Are you leaving behind autobiographical information for posterity?

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