The Library of Unrequited Love ~ Sophie Divry


The Library of Unrequited Love – a s0liloquy

This book is probably going to be something other than what you were expecting. However, I am delighted to say, the Librarians’ soliloquy is one that we have all experienced or are experiencing – that constant narrative in your head, that portions of, sometimes unwittingly, end up being spoken out loud to a colleague or other.

So here she is. Not altogether unhappy, but definitely not happy. But then who is? Finding a reader asleep in her Library who had been locked in overnight, she begins her little speech about various aspects of Library, as well as her, life.

Full of description, and lovely Librarian ‘nuggets’, it will undoubtedly be one that mostly appeals to those in the business. But I would like to think that it does give a little insight, if not a little sensationalised, into the world of Librarians. I could listen to her all day long.

Book to read at its best in one sitting. Has my full recommendation.



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