What is it about that bookshop…?

There’s a certain trilogy of movies that for me are entwined together by a book and a bookshop…Shakespeare and Company in Paris. What is it about that bookshop?


A rather unusual, welcoming, bohemian refuge in Paris, Shakespeare and Company Book shop is the site for many literature lovers.

‘For Whitman, an eccentric ex-serviceman who travelled around the world before deciding to settle in Paris, didn’t simply own a bookstore. What he created was, in own words, a “socialist utopia masquerading as a bookshop”: a bohemian refuge where down and out, mostly expatriate writers could mingle, write, and even bed down for the night – all in exchange for a few hours’ work in the shop, and on the strict understanding that they read a book every single day.’ *



This bookshop is also the surprising reunion place in Julie Delphys’ and Ethan Hawkes’ trilogy of films, and inspire any romantic to visit it.



I couldn’t imagine anything better than cosying up in one of those battered old chairs, and settling down to a good read…

“thoughts from scarlettlibrarian”

*From The Telegraph 

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