Howards End is on the landing ~ Susan Hill

20131007-071951.jpgLooking for inspiration on a Monday, and perusing the shelves of books that I no longer can envisage their place because I moved home, I discovered an unread jewel of a book, about books. Ms Hill begins her journey by seeking a particular book and on her search discovers a hoard of unread purchases and gifts stacking up her bookshelves. Upon my own discovery I found another book that I had forgotten I’d purchased and had once again added to my online bookshop basket! Obviously I deleted it immediately and got the book down from the shelf instead.

Not a book to rush through, each chapter to be devoured, slowly as the journey intends, walking through stories and portals, encounters and memories. The language is a feast, touching my soul which is also full of books entwined with places and smells and people. I smile. Things I’d forgotten ~ Enid Blyton and my youthful discovery of Orwell and Huxley alongside The Merchant of Venice. I smile again. I used to get up very early as a child just to be the only person awake in the house, creep downstairs and hide behind the long curtains, pressed against the French windows to read.

What an affecting reminder of books I’d forgotten but more touching, books that I have read and places they’ve taken me to. Never was a book more ready for marginalia, to be read with a pen or bookmarks.


thoughts from scarlettlibrarian

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