CPD23 Plymouth event 30th September 2011 – how it went

Plymouth Event: CPD23 ‘Real life networking’ meet up on Friday 30th September The Bank, Plymouth City Centre

Finally……the reflection!

This summer saw information professionals from all over the world take part in ’23 things for professional development’, an online programme hosted by several new professionals outlining 23 ‘Things’ that would be useful personal development for any information professional and as part of this, a few of us in the Plymouth area decided it would be nice to meet other’s in the profession for an informal get together.

This was a gathering intended to be not only for CPD23ers no matter what ‘Thing’ people were up to, but also for all or any librarians, library assistants or any conjugation or derivative of that.

The event was arranged by Annette Earl, Claire Beck and Venessa Harris, and despite the fact that we believed we may be the only three attendees, we actually had an ideal group of seven – a mixed ‘bunch’ from Cornwall and Plymouth. Represented were Looe Library, Marjons (University College Plymouth, St Mark & St John), Plymouth University, Plymouth Central Library, and Lipson Community College. The event was actually a casual meet up, so although work places were mentioned, we focused on our own perspectives of what was happening in the library and information sphere currently. It was an extremely useful bonding exercise to have a face to face meet up – a few of us use Twitter to communicate with other professionals, and the practical use of this social media tool in terms of information sharing was discussed in a positive way. We also talked about ‘Library’ qualifications. These are of course mostly information qualifications now, although they are still seen by some as de-valued due to impending Library closures. At the moment in this country, there are 400 Libraries under threat of closure, and all staff involved are actively having to prove their worth as adaptable and flexible personnel, who have a wide and useful skills set. We also discussed CILIP, and the specialised groups, in particular the Career Development Group, and Chartership. Those of us that are members of CILIP are trying to find ways to become more involved, but also to actually seek out what CILIP are doing for us! Around the table there were a few differences, but it was noted that CILIP should be opened up to other related professions within information and knowledge management. We all agreed we would like a progressive leadership but also that we would like it to remain professional.

On the whole, this was a great way to chew the library fat, have a bit of a rant, and also get some mutual support for what lies ahead. Several of us exchanged details so that we can do the whole thing all over again!

If you would be interested in coming along to our next meet-up please email venessaharris@gmail.com

We hope to see you there!

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