CPD23: Wrapping up

CPD23 has been an excellent online personal development programme, and in reviewing my initial goal I think its time that I wrapped this thing up…..

  1. Firstly, I already used several social media tools to gain a network of contacts.  I wanted to review why I want contacts and how I can use them.
  2. I was hoping to find advice or suggestions to help me  build a feedback culture in my team
  3. Also by discussion – how to embed professionalism in my team
  4. To discuss the future and development of my role
  5. To suggest tools for professional development and how they can work for me
  6. I also wanted to participate in cpd23 for a review of tools for getting organised and for presenting information
  7. I also wanted to develop my self-awareness – identify my strengths and using them, why and how
  8. Finally, it was also an opportunity to work together with a small group of colleagues on something that none of us have done before

With hindsight, this was quite a large premis. Not everything was successful but that doesn’t mean that I’ve failed! Colleagues peeled away as time went on, and the face to face networking event that was more generic than my workplace was actually a really positive and useful ‘thing’ to do. New tools, or in reviewing the social media tools that I already use, has been an extremely useful exercise. This is ongoing, and with some discussion (online) with others, I feel that I am moving forwards with this. Embedding professionalism is hard. I think we have to understand our roles before we can do this. Professionalism for me, should start with a wider picture of your industry or trade, in other words for us, what is happening in the library sphere. Without this basic interest, what are we?

So, on a really positive note, self-awareness has been in abundance, so much so that I am now leaving my current role (forecasting using statistics) in order to write more about libraries, and do some library advocacy. A strange thing to have to do I hear you say, but given a choice (and I felt the time had come to make that choice), I choose Libraries! I’m looking forward to having the liberty to do this now……

One of the huge things I’ve got out of cpd23 is Reflective Practice! I’ve even capitalised it because thats how I feel about it. I’ve done a bit of this before, but will now keep it up, as I try to research and read more about library futures.


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