10 realistic yet motivational facts!

Information and knowledge management people are a hardy bunch. What I didn’t know was ahead of me when I embarked on this journey 10 years ago was this:

 Information management people have to be resilient in terms of skills and mindset. We are intrepid.

Get noticed. Be professional.

Express yourself. Engage and give feedback.

Try to be visible outside of your ‘echo chamber’.

You will always have to justify what you do to people both at work, and to your friends. Positive advocacy. Show everyone what you are worth!

Always remember your future is your responsibility.

Market yourself. This is now a necessary part of your job.

Share. Communicate your ideas and thoughts.

Motivate others. Lead. Promote positive thoughts.

Don’t panic, and don’t despair.


 Its a sure fact that we’re all having to promote ourselves and libraries (thank you government for devaluing librarianship), and its also a sure fact that we should start in our own institutions. With the announcement of further restructures due to changes in HEFCE funding (Universities), proving your worth is key.

3 thoughts on “10 realistic yet motivational facts!

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