‘Library’ in parts…..


 I have been inspired to write a follow up post to What constitutes ‘library’? after its slightly controversial reception, positive comments and appearance in the Cilip Information World Weekly e-Bulletin. I wonder how many people are lovers of books and without calling it something new that I heard in a slippery slope Daytime TV moment – ‘Objectum sexuality’ – who really appreciate the building blocks of the ingredients that go into a book, as well as the infinite outcomes/benefits as seen below:

I use Twitter. End of. Here are the 3 tweets that inspired this post:

randomhouse (@randomhouse)15/08/2011 19:15
Bibliophile porn – The Towering Book Stack

AbeBooks (@AbeBooks) 15/08/2011 19:29
A top video of a book being handmade. Warning: Kindle owners may become confused by some scenes.  #realbooks

Gary (@ggnewed) 12/08/2011 23:38
Photo: Alice in Wonderland: Read a book on the bus & be miles away. fairytalemood

So, in short, look at this!! An art installation of books (this could arguably be a library but I’ll leave it there), the art of a handmade book – a rare object, and the joys of how reading can transport you to distant lands (imaginary or otherwise).

‘Books are sexy’




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