CPD23: Skipping Things

I’m going to totally hold my hands up and say Things 6 through 9 have been skipped, although not completely. Really, its because I already use Google calendars, am not interested in Evernote, have already attempted to facilitate real life networking (see previous post on sharing our experiences) and am already a member of Cilip and LISNPN. I have also set up High Visibility Cataloguing with Thing Blogging (@cjclib) in 2010 after meeting at a CIG conference.

That said I particularly like this segment from the 23 Things for Professional development Thing 7 blog post:

Why should you get involved?
Being a member of a professional organisation gives you great opportunities, and the chance to benefit yourself and the profession. It can demonstrate that you are committed to the profession, and to your own personal and professional development. Membership gives you opportunities to help others, by sharing your knowledge and expertise, taking on a formal role on a committee, or taking part in a mentoring scheme. If the association is one which charges dues, these will help the association to
continue their activities, and provide training and support to its members.

I have already blogged about my sentiments on the benefits of joining a professional organisation but two words sum it all up for me:  ENGAGE and ADVOCACY.

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