CPD23: Thing 4 The Twitterverse

Let me be brief. Using Twitter has provided me with the following:

A network of like-minded Information Professionals

  • This is beneficial as I have found it to increase my confidence, my information pool, job satisfaction, and support group


  • Always a handy one, especially when the chips are down…..


  • Contacts with Professionals with whom I can interact both virtually and ‘for real’ at  Conferences etc

Connection to people with the same interest as myself

  • 1940s social culture

So there you go. I wouldn’t be without it. I dip in and out, but its my first ‘go to’ place for all of the above. I strongly recommend you get an account, write a good but short bio, and then get noticed. I have kept my tweets protected for around 18months and found that this has not hindered me at all. However I have no unlocked my tweets for #cpd23.

Tweet me @scarlettlibgirl

Simple as.

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