CPD23: Thing 3 Personal Brand

Being a bit of a fruit and nut and sometimes regretting one’s actions, I’m going to opt for the crazy optional task on week 2’s cpd23 Things:

Optional extra activity
If you are feeling particularly brave, try asking someone else (such as one of the other programme participants) what they think your blog says about your personal brand. Are the words they suggest ones that you feel describe you? If not, consider why that might be and how you could change that perception.
So if anyone’s ‘listening’, now is your chance. Anything constructive will be approved! I have to say that I like Jo’s stance on the whole thing – that of ‘profersonal’ (see the blog) and as my blog(s) aren’t purely about information management (some of the stuff is pure rambling of a crazy cat lady) then I don’t see the problem with that. What do you think? Does categorizing posts ergo making it easier for anyone to find the professional versus personal stuff really work? A few bloggers do warnings or disclaimers at the beginning of their posts – is this a good idea?
If anyone has looked at my ‘stuff’ they’ll see that I like to keep some kind of consistency throughout the media that I use – so the same avatar, links to different social media accounts like Twitter, LISNPN and Linkedin. I am also a founder member of High Visibility Cataloguing, and the more professional stuff happens over there. I originally chose to be ‘Scarlettlibrarian’ because I wanted to remain anonymous (whilst using the name of one of my favourite authors). This changed rapidly when I had an article published in the Cilip Gazette, but with growing followers, I am reluctant to change the blog title and twitter username. The main thing for me, is that they ‘match’ up now.

5 thoughts on “CPD23: Thing 3 Personal Brand

  1. Ok, I’ll give it a go… If I had to sum up what your blog says about you in a few words, I’d go with: Professional, passionate, reflective, dedicated. I like that you mix personal and professional stuff – I do the same, and I really don’t see it being an issue. I always think, if people don’t want to read the posts that are just about personal stuff then they are quite free to skip over them! I also like that you’re very open about the challenges you face in your job as well as the stuff you enjoy. That’s why I included “reflective” in the above list.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I agree with Laura’s assessment, your passion for everything library comes across in your posts and your screen name kind of matches that: scarlett > red > passion. I know that’s not why you picked it but that’s what it says to me, lol. Tagging personal posts as such sounds like a good idea, but it may be hard to separate the personal from the professional, for example, if you are expressing a personal view on a professional issue. For me, the difficulty is in finding the appropriate tone, being able to express oneself in a manner that is still professional. But I really see no problem with mixing the two strands. That’s what makes posts – and life! – interesting 😉

    • Thanks for this Elena, I agree with you, but it also makes the whole issue of blogging one’s personal thoughts/opinions a bit daring doesn’t it? And yes I know I didn’t choose scarlett for passion but it did stick with me because of that. Thank you again 🙂

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