CPD23 week 1: What I want to get out of this

On reflection, since I started my blog in January 2010 I have put a lot of effort into making connections and doing some virtual networking. One of the things I want to spend some time on throughout this programme is the reason why I want contacts and how I can use them.

  1. I was hoping to find advice or suggestions to help me  build a feedback culture in my team
  2. Also by discussion – how to embed professionalism in my team
  3. To discuss the future and development of my role
  4. To suggest tools for professional development and how they can work for me

I also wanted to participate in cpd23 for a review of tools for getting organised and for presenting information.

I also want to develop my self-awareness – identifying my strengths and using them, why and how.

Finally, it was also an opportunity to work together with a small group of colleagues on something that none of us have done before.

I use a variety of ways to catch up with blogs, but mostly I collate my favourites into my igoogle page. So, my main goal this week is to find some new blogs from the participants list (and my colleagues). If anyone would like to follow me on twitter I have unlocked my tweets for cpd23 @scarlettlibgirl.

Before I go, one quick stab at making the significance of professionalism visible:

Simon Barron’s What does professional mean?


3 thoughts on “CPD23 week 1: What I want to get out of this

  1. Hi Scarlett

    I’m on Thing 2 of CPD23 and taking the opportunity to go and look at the blogs I see in the CILIP blog landscape, but rarely visit in person. I’m really interested in your comment about creating a feedback culture in your team: is that giving each other feedback or seeking it from other teams / users?

    • Hi Katie
      Thanks for your comment and glad you’re taking a look around. I would like to encourage team members/colleagues to give more feedback to leaders as well as eachother. After training we complete evaluation sheets but is this enough? Also, team meetings are quite dry and although some colleagues do interact, the meetings seem to be mostly about news or what we’re doing wrong. I would like to see more constructive praise (where its due). In the spirit of Rachel Care’s post over on High Visibility Cataloguing, I would also like to make our team more visible – and in turn giving and receiving feedback around the library/department. I hope this makes sense. Any ideas let me know!

  2. Constructive praise is so important, but you could also take those four questions to the team involved. I did something similar once in a previous job and surprised a ‘difficult’ team into participating.

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