Summer solstice: reflection, review and new goals

Seems like another good time to have a think about things.


Since my last reflection I’ve found myself transitioning into yet another new role (I can’t believe I blogged about the need for this role in October 2010) which I hope will have some ‘future proofing’ although at this juncture I suppose I’m not 100% convinced that it is my main priority any longer. Professionalism, development and support are key to my personal values and in this respect it is the better role for me (Development and Support Administrator), however it has also made me question what work I find the most rewarding. I really thought it would be better for everyone if I disembarked from High Visibility Cataloguing as I would no longer be a practioner, however, I have since realised that the aspects of my interest that I had already and could continue to bring to this initiative as a founder member were still important and crucial to my new role – that of professionalism and positive advocacy. Of course, we now have other volunteers, and this too is good news.

On a personal level, I have discovered and blogged about my passion for the 1940s social culture. I am also interested in becoming a Learning provider consultant. Meeting Luke and his enabler Dave, as well as an Academic Support provider Matt, has been seminal. Thanks guys.


As a member of the HVCats team, I have made it into the Cilip CIG Journal this year (apologies CIG members only link), many thanks to Celine Carty for this (and congratulations on baby no.3!). Liaising and working with other information professionals has been a real turning point in my career and has given me some long over due job satisfaction. This year has been a self inflicted roller coaster emotionally, but hopefully I’m coming through it with a greater degree of emotional intelligence, which I can use to forward my personal development. And on that personal note, much ‘umming and arring’ about my MSc – is it worth it etc etc? So the good news is that yes it is. Back on track now, with study journal to help me along the way.

New goals:

Firstly to get a copy of Bethan Ruddocks’ New Professionals Toolkit and make use of all the information it contains. I urge you all to do the same!

Masters modules Collection management, Knowledge management (possibly) and (undecided) to be completed fairly swiftly so that I can move onto my dissertation. Dissertation ideas will come to me. My mindset has evolved since my last brainstorm on all of that.

Possibly becoming a Learning provider consultant – I’m still investigating this one right now.

Continue to be a member of the Labour Party. Maybe even do some campaigning!

Using my blog for CPD23 of course!

3 thoughts on “Summer solstice: reflection, review and new goals

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