Look after your office morale all year round

There must be some kind of secret to this. Anyone?

Teams of people are not usually all recruited at the same time, so managing dynamics at employment point is out of the question.  And of course managing people dynamics during recruitment is probably illegal in some way! I know that we adhere to criteria when recruits rock up to interviews and these are based around the job specification; essential and desirable skills and experience.

What of people dynamics in the office?

Consider the follow points:

  • positive communication both professional and casual
  • socialising
  • equality
  • common ground/interests
  • trying something new together

I think the point is not to leave taking care of office morale all to one day a year – whatever your place of employment does by the way of a Development Day or Away day or Jolly – you get the picture. So with that in mind, here’s a few things to try!

  • celebrate success!
  • import some humour
  • try to be glad (those of us in work are the lucky ones)


It may be worth suggesting that for the monthly team meeting to remember to add some praise and rewards, encouragement for CPD and some humour as well as information sharing.

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