Advocacy issues….

….cut to me in a pencil skirt, heels and glasses –

Yes of course we all look like this!

Come and read more about this over on High Visibility Cataloguing.

Not so long ago, we had a bit of a twitter ‘chat’ about image in the library and decided that although some people wear jeans, most of us gals like skirts; the biggest consensus was that heels make us happy! But that isn’t what this post is really about. One of the things we all seem to suffer with is positive advocacy ‘on the spot’. We have a professional role within society, that is part of community and educational development, and yet we are more often than not ridiculed for being the Sshh crowd. The one thing I found out recently that I had been naive about, is that not everyone knows about the value of education. I have to admit that even within my own family, my mothers values were based not around education and career, but around marriage. She had spent her formative years in the war, and had used these same values for her daughters. Unfortunately for that upbringing but thankfully for us, things had moved on by the 1980’s and women were increasingly having more choice. I digress. What I’m trying to say is that finding the right words in the heat of the moment to advocate learning support to those who do not value learning, would be monumentally difficult for anyone. What should be easier, is remembering that we are all in this together. We are all facing tough times, closures and cuts, and justifying our worth on a daily basis.

We all need to do something small every day to advocate our role within our institution, community and society as a whole. And on that note; are you sitting comfortably?

Then let me begin……


I have to say that with hindsight (yawn) I can see how complacent I’d gotten, especially over the last say 6 months. There I was thinking to myself I’d finally mastered my job role, how wonderful that felt to be confident, go into work smiling about it, and talk about it in blog posts, and picture myself  furthering this specialist knowledge area, moving into different composites of a similar nature etc etc blah blah blah, cloud cuckoo land to cut a long story short. In essence,  I’d gone to sleep. And then the alarm clock went off……..the specialist element of my job role was just completely taken away from me overnight, and I have been made a pure people manager. I could be anywhere. Where did my library job go?

I urge you to remain alert at all times. Being confident isn’t enough.

Be a positive advocate for what you do.


We are all our own cheerleaders.

On another note, most jobs are found through networking so stay connected.

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