Your cheese is a moveable feast! This one’s for Tim…

I just want to start with a phrase that my brother in law used to drum into me when I was in sales (like he was at that point) ‘Persistance beats resistance’. There was a man who was my big brother (I have 4 sisters), and not unlike a father figure in my life. Encouragement and support in abundance.  But I digress….

“Your cheese is a moveable feast and not just by you”, is my way of saying monitor and review your own goal posts, because  you might blink and find them pushed further away or taken away altogether by circumstances.

So, keep your cheese within your view but remember to review at regular intervals. Its not enough to set yourself a fixed goal, you have to be prepared to take risks and deviations. Try to think creatively, and about purpose. I had a certain sense recently of having my prospects removed whilst maintaining a financial debt for aiming for it. I’ve rewritten that negativity, and remoulded (again) my goal. One of the most useful things that a colleague told me when I started ‘proper’ in the library business (thanks Judy) was to keep a record of any training I did – be it professional, inhouse or a book I’d read. This has stood me in good stead over the years; I can identify gaps, avoids repetition (although refreshers are good), and see where my strengths and weaknesses are. REFLECT!

I recently read an excellent blog post by Alice in Libraryland that not only made me laugh but resonated with my own values very loudly! Its important to remember that nothing is ever easy! I just want to point out the following:

  • Be realistic about your time – give generously but manage carefully
  • Be honest with your own abilities – but reach for the stars
  • Strive for your goals – be prepared to deviate from a ‘fixed’ path
  • Take risks – calculated ones perhaps

The libary world is having a big shake up. Nothing remains the same, but this time it feels huge. Look ahead and see whats coming and prepare. It won’t be apocalyptic, but it might feel like it. So stock up on skills and knowledge, and experience if you can.

So remember,

  • Composure
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism


Tim Mills – brilliant brother in law, who passed away in 2009, always remembered and ‘talked to’.

‘He is one of those who are beautiful and happy…he is one of those that to look upon and be with is enough.’   Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass

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