What is a Professional approach? Part 3

‘Spontaneous assistance without guarantee of reciprocative reward’ – I feel that many of ‘us’ (people lurking in the blogsphere and twitterverse) may suffer acutely from it!

Truth is, the free information exchange ‘atmosphere’ that I have discovered and become part of in Twitter and blogs far surpasses anything that we have in our open plan office at work. This vexes me somewhat – you’d think that the removal of barriers, physical or otherwise would serve to enhance creative and productive information sharing, but my experience has been very different.  So why do some of us do it (albeit it would seem preferably by CMC) and some of us don’t?

My take on a Professional approach doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, but it does mean that your private and public life have to managed i.e the use of social media, more or less an everyday thing for most people now and ‘marketing’ your profile in an appropriate manner. I’m not suggesting that we behave like clones, there is room for personality. However, particularly in the current socio-economic climate, selection and the tools that we as employers and employees use for selection and being selected are everything.

Profile management or advertising space

Marketing your CV

Do what you love

Maintain Perspective

  • a positive attitude or inner dialogue
  • maintaining confidentiality where required
  • acting with integrity and respect
  • communicative
  • organised but with a degree of flexibility


Finally, keep revisiting your career path, keep refreshing yourself with the job market, maintain and update your personal skills, and most of all, keep an open mind.


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