5 thoughts on “The education of cataloguers/metadata librarians

  1. I haven’t read Jennifer’s list yet but already really like “Fundamentally know and understand purposes of cataloguing rules in order to know when to bend them, and when to adhere to them”. These reflections on what we can and do are essential for HVC. And helpful for our own CPD too. Thanks!

    • I really liked this list – firstly it made me think how much we all know (or should know phew!) I think it would be great to get some thoughts on this list going over on HVCats if we can….

  2. When I was writing this article and gathering ideas for this “list”, I tried to think of all my colleagues and the chatter from various resources (from print to electronic). The list represents definitely an ideal situation or more of an amalgamation of skill sets.

    I saw and see that catalogers and metadata librarians are continually asked to do more and to have a larger skill set as staff is downsized. There just seems to be too much work for everyone. And we tend to be a tired bunch of librarians.

    I’m glad you found my article interesting. I’m even happier that it’s prompted people to ask questions about what we do in the cataloging/metadata world and where we want to go in the future.

    • Thank you for your comment, it was good to get the author response. You’re right about being asked to do more and more, and not always with skills we already have – thats where the adaptive, flexible mindset comes in. As cataloguers we have to deal with standards as well as ambiguity – not an easy task. I really would like to shift this over to High Visibility Cataloguing (I hope you’ve seen it) to get some further discussion.

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