Time travel….back to the 1940s

I’ve discovered the art of time travel over the last year,  with music, images, books and movies of or set in, the 1940s. I am gripped by my own fascination with this era – the people who lived it were just surviving, but looking back on it, I am fascinated with not just the clothes, hairstyles, and music, but the attitude – the inspiration that the government were able to engender comraderie; often we hear the term ‘the spirit of the blitz’.

The womens role during the war time changed substantially, and rather than a meek and scary time, we look back on it as a time of empowerment.

I do accredite something that I’ve learnt to my mother –  ‘keep your pecker up!‘ It may seem superficial now, but it was a war time attitude .

So, suffice to say I am off to the 1940s for a little while…………………

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