Navigating the ‘ether’ as a professional activity

I was directed to a post about how libraries and librarians use social networking tools to keep up to date and also to promote #savelibraries as part of Voices for the Library campaign against the closure of a plethora of libraries courtesy of David Cameron who has probably wondered what the hell he pays librarians to do all day a question regularly asked by friends et al. who imagine I strut around in stillettos amongst the book stacks asking people to shhhh……   Apart from the fact that ‘social networking’ doesn’t really encompass the web2 tools that we use for professional and communicative purposes, this obviously means that we’ve always been rubbish at promoting ourselves and what we do all day. Have we done this to ourselves? Have we always purposely gone out of our way to ‘keep the mystery’? Or have we just been so humble that we just do the work and expect no thanks or gratification for it? I’m thinking the latter. This brings me on to the ‘ether’ or cyberspace communciations – and I was so pleased to have a colleague reiterate in an infobyte session to fellow colleagues, that this is nolonger considered an option outside of our regular jobs, it is part of our reality; we have normalised it.

Listening to some terrible local DJ rambling on about how he doesn’t ‘get’ Twitter everyone should be using Facebook (where has he been?) and how the only reason he can see is to keep up to date with celebrity news. Celebrity news? Is he talking about the #savelibraries campaign? Is he talking about Bethan Ruddock or Jo Alcock? Is he talking about Ed Vaizey and his full steam ahead campaign into promoting the replacement of all skilled librarians with volunteers? Oh dear, firstly I should switch radio stations, and secondly I could hear his brain cells dying as he spoke. Blogs, and microblogging isn’t just for christmas, its for professional activities.


One thought on “Navigating the ‘ether’ as a professional activity

  1. Hello – thanks for mentioning by blog post Venessa. I’ve written an in-depth article about library & info professionals’ use of blogging / Twitter for professional development, looking at all the latest research, and practical issues such as being blocked at work from using social networking… It’s for CILIP’s journal, so as now there is only one (Update), monthly, I don’t know when it will be published.
    Debby Raven @LibraryInfoNews

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