Library Professionals for Librarianship (part 2) Biddy’s Recognition

Biddys blogs post another wow! I’m wondering how Biddy could’ve possibly known that Professionalism is big on my own agenda enough to provide me with a Presidential address that concurs with my own thoughts. Thank you Biddy. Anyhow, reviewing my previous post (part 1), against Biddys own ‘Recognition‘, this is a good opportunity to marry things up:

Sustainable library roles – looking to the future:  a professional approach

In her ‘Recognition’, Biddy talks about her version of Professionalism, our professional credentials and beginning with eht Nolan principles of public life, selflessnes, integrity, objecivity, accountability, opennes, honesty and leadership. More specifically, she points out that ‘In its specific field of learning, a preofession must give leadership to the public it serves’.

One of the key points in her version of professionalism for Biddy is that we engage in ‘networking’ – having ‘the ability to know who and where to go to bounce ideas back and forth, to get that spark that will ignite an idea and bring forth into a more rounded and tested initiative’, and in light of this has done wonders to highlight Ned Potters LISNPN and the more recent Voices for the Library  or twitter@ukpling – both of which I subscribe to.

Doing a Masters degree in information and library studies: promoting its value in a library career

In her address  Biddy goes on to talk about defining Cilip’s forcus for the future; what to advocate, and how. One of the  messages from the Defining our Professional Future survey was that Cilip was seen to be 5 – 10 years out of date in its view to use of the internet. I am not saying that having an MSc in information studies will help with this, but clear advocacy for the benefits of attaining the foundations of information knowledge at this level, is a way to become a promoter and teacher of these elements.

Using social media in a library career for support, collaboration and information sharing: using appropriate communication tools and ways of keeping ‘up to date’; iGoogle, Pageflakes, blogs, twitter

‘It would be good to get our New Professionals in a room with these well meaning decision makers’ [MPs]  It is only with the advent of online communities created by Cilip, LinkedIn, LISNPN to name a few that these [us] New Professionals even exist as a ‘community’ or progressive group of people looking to the future of Libraries.

Keeping the interest in books alive! : books about books, teaching and learning

‘The messages from the Defining our professional future survey that we underook earlier this year were quite clear about what they wanted CILIP to concentrate its resources on: promoting the profession, Advocating the profession [and] Lobbying on policy and legislation.’  And guess what folks, the professions is books (as well as other resources).

Professional organisations – Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) as well as Association of University Administrators (AUA),  Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Ned Potters New Professionals Network (LISNPN):  the benefits of membership in Librarianship including positive advocacy for libraries and library professionals.

Biddy points out that ‘we are natural communicators and are ‘professionally generous”. I would like to add that the support of virtual communities is phenomenal; a team of people who value collaborative thinking for the fruition of ideas, as well as (to use Biddy’s word) ignite the flames of librarianship.

Last but not least, its been hours since the governments  Comprehensive Spending Review. This is what Cilip have to say.

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