Amazon Kindle and Glade partnership proposal

Every Amazon Kindle should come with a lifetimes supply of free Glade air freshners – of course that is once they’ve brewed up a new smell to replicate that of the bookshop i.e new book smell. I have a confession to make – I’m a book sniffer and I bet I’m not the only one.

I know this should be a professional review of the Kindle, and lord knows I am considering buying one for myself, but I just can’t get to grips with no page turning. I am more concerned with the air freshner proposal of course. At the weekend (if you’ve read ‘About me’ this is a repetition) my favourtie pass-time, is to hang out in Waterstones with a hazlenut Latte (and sometimes a chocolate twist, who wouldn’t), have a little read, a little browse, and get a good whiff of those brand new tomes. They don’t even have to bake bread, they have me at ‘hello’….well, the whiff as you enter anyway. I am a rare breed in my library – an Information Professional who not only loves books, but who advocates Libraries, and Library Professionalism. Why are we becoming extinct?

So Amazon Kindle people, do your thing – up your sales with a lifetimes supply of new book smell air freshner dispensers!  Ah……if only. So, for a more serious, and yes, professional review of the Kindle, seek the blog post of my esteemed co-professional Joeyanne libraryanne. She makes sense of the Kindle, offers her personal pros and cons, as well as more valuable insight into the usage of this reading tool.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle and Glade partnership proposal

  1. Nice idea! I have to admit, I’ve never really understood the complaints that ebooks don’t smell like books – I can honestly say I’ve never sniffed a book – but I do like the tactile nature of reading a book. I think I’m going to buy an ereader, if only to save my back (too much lugging around giant hardbacks = near constant neck and shoulder pain), but I will miss the actual objects. I plan to keep buying books that I’ll want to keep and re-read, and use my ereader for reading on the train only.

    I do wonder about the comment you’ve made – and apologies if this is just a throwaway remark that I’m paying too much attention to – that as an information professional “who advocates Libraries, and Library Professionalism” you are a “dying breed”. Do you mean in general, or just in your own library? Because if you meant in general, then I can assure you there are plenty of info pros out there who do both!

    • Ah thanks you….I’m referring to my own place of stay, and I can honestly say I have only found like minded people like yourself via the cyber route – Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Its only thanks to those networks that I am aware that I am not alone! :0))

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog post, glad you found the review interesting.

    I’m still a little torn between print and electronic (I may have occasionally sniffed a book!), but for most of the books I read it’s more about the content so I’m steering towards preferring the electronic version purely for practical reasons. Still not quite ready to invest in an ereader though!

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