2 thoughts on “New and replacement skills support

  1. A very interesting post.

    Are you mainly getting book cataloguing shelf-ready? We still do a huge amount of original/copy cataloguing and classification ourselves so we’re not at your stage yet but I did feel from the comments at CIG last month that we are the exception rather than the rule with that.

    And a good idea to show what the *new* skills will be, as the cataloguing hasn’t gone away, it’s just morphed into a different type of work.

    • Hi Celine
      Yes we buy in records with our acquisitions, and increasingly the suppliers are able to obtain more and more by way of good quality records – most recently we are now using a supplier for AV records too. I would say the only classification we do is with PhD Theses and gifts, but now that students will be self depositing into the Teaching and Learning repository, classification or cataloguing is no longer required. We do not use strict AACR2 for the small amount of cataloguing that we do, but it does beg the question of the implementation of RDA – if suppliers go RDA, then effectively so does our Library, and therefore really, even the small amount that we do should comply?
      I’m increasingly looking to people with developed IT skills to complete metadata work, and you’re quite right to say that cataloging hasn’t gone away – in our Library, it is now called resource description which can encompass a whole horrible myriad of nastiness!!

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