In the presence of Biddy

Anybody need a bit of perking up? I recommend a Biddy Fisher keynote speech, followed by a quick chat about cats and watching out for the tweets. Having just attended the Cilip CIG Conference in Exeter (how green is their campus I’m so jealous), I have come away with an overwhelming determination to find new ways to ‘posit the work that is done in cataloguing and indexing ‘as well as the significance of information literacy – the ‘new heart of the Profession’.

Exeter University, Devon

Positive advocacy, and putting our energy into the promotion of core Professional skills that must be recognised by not only employers, but society and the public as a whole  is the vogue phrase. And a reminder from Stuart Hunt (Data Services & Digital Production Manager, The University of Warwick Library) that Librarians should also be demonstrating research abilities not just practical skills, was prominent and poignant.

Think of the Profession holistically, as well as the key elements of cataloguing, and market yourself and what you do, both in house and outwards. In the recent issue of Cilip Update volume 13 no 3, Stuart Wilkinson & Jon Scown’s model for growing membership in difficult times based on the ‘six degrees of separation’ theory is a very good place to start.


Voices for the Library

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