What Librarians do all day..

Librarians smile and give you their best service sometimes in the face of uncontrollable adversity……

Ok I’m an academic librarian now, but even we do ‘public’ library work depending on the level of tech in the establishment. At Marjons, I spend at least 4 hours a day on counter duties, and did my bit for shelving the returned books, tidying and generally helping students. The contact was nothing but good, yes, even at exam time!!  On the whole, as a librarian I have:

Re-shelved returned books

Tidied the shelves (books)

Repaired books

Issued and returned books

Aided students on the OPACS (online public access catalogue)

Helped students with e-resources – searching

Ordered new books and replacement books

Catalogued Theses, books, dvds, cd, gifts and school project packs (for teacher training)

Helped students who are living away from home for the first time to feel welcome

Given washing instructions to new students

Helped several students to stay ‘on course’ as oppose to ‘dropping out’

Not to mention Health & Safety – emergencies and incidents

Made sure e-resources are searchable on the A-Z

Rushed new books through Acquisitions to give to the student within an hour of delivery

Overall this all adds up to trained librarianship. I couldn’t have done any of this without:

IT skills

Information Organisation and Retrieval knowledge and skills

Information and society knowledge and skills

Collection management skills

Adeptness, and ability to change and multi-task

Information management skills

……in other words, core librarianship skills and competencies.

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