I’ve had a bad day: a good time to remember why I love books

I’ve had a bad day today. It started early when it took me an hour and a quarter to get to work – the same journey has taken me 20 minutes all through the summer. It didn’t help that I had a ‘difficult’ journey with my twin sister who is a Research Assistant at my said employment. After this I had a good 1:1 with a colleague to plan our journal article. I thought I had made a recovery, but oh no, another meeting was waiting to “bite me” and it did! After lunch I finished the day with a team meeting with my line manager for which we had been asked to prepare work which I had dutifully done – and of course I’m not stressed at all by the fact that she said she’d need to postpone that discussion!! A swift bus journey home (I park & ride) left me having a brief and awkward encounter with an ex (at my age it shouldn’t be allowed), only to come home and discover I didn’t get all the ingredients for a particular meal I wanted to cook for dinner. Yawn yawn (me AND you!) and cut to me, sitting in my pjs, drinking tea, trying desperately to get some perspective on the day, when I look around my living room, and am overcome by the calming effect that books have on me – just their presence. So I pick up my book on Libraries (I’m such a nerd) and lose myself for a little while in ‘The Library at Night’ and I’m done. I’m organised, I have perspective, I have a meal, and I have some shopping to do on Amazon. Thank you books for:




Calming effect

Intelligent effect

Implicit information


3 thoughts on “I’ve had a bad day: a good time to remember why I love books

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