Voices for the Library

Voices for the Library is a website promoting the need for and value of library professionals (as opposed to the much promulgated radical volunteer crew that our coalition government are shouting about). We all need to get behind this one – lets share our stories and points of view, experiences and thoughts on what we do and why. This has been set up by a great team of people (Library professionals) who are prepared to put in the extra time to big us up, market our skills and talents, and promote the great things we do within the Library and for the Library.

A colleague of mine pointed out that there always seems to be a need for library professionals to justify what they do, and I would agree with her but I would also ask the question – why is that? We do not shroud ourself in mystery – it is a well known ‘thing’ that we are information management specialists and have led access to the world wide web and therefore information access to many, bringing more people than ever into the 21st century.



Promoting the need for and value of trained librarians within a free and open-to-all UK public library service

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