What is a Professional approach? Part 2 (an affliction)

I am starting to think that I may be afflicted with Professional approach syndrome. I’ve made it up. But I’m sure it exists!

‘Just off the top of my head words like competent, considerate, communicative, unbiased, balanced, positive attitude, self-aware, conforms to dress codes, upwardly aspirational or considerate, inclusive, horizon scanning for development, agreeable standards, trust, trials, explorative, objective, information sharing and constructive feedback’

I have started looking into the relationship between OCB (Organizational Citizenship Behaviour), CMC’s (Computer-mediated Communication) and job satisfaction (including job well-being and organizational functionality/productivity). This is a huge subject area, but from my research, not one that has been particularly addressed other than in virtual networked project teams or the likes.

Personally I respond to the outline of OCB as ‘spontaneous assistance without guarantee of reciprocative reward’ – I feel that many of ‘us’ (people lurking in the blogsphere and twitterverse) may suffer acutely from it!

Truth is, the free information exchange ‘atmosphere’ that I have discovered and become part of in Twitter and blogs far surpasses anything that we have in our open plan office at work. This vexes me somewhat – you’d think that the removal of barriers, physical or otherwise would serve to enhance creative and productive information sharing, but my experience has been very different.  So why do some of us do it (albeit it would seem preferably by CMC) and some of us don’t?

Answers on a postcard please!!

One thought on “What is a Professional approach? Part 2 (an affliction)

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