What is a Professional approach? Part 1

What is a Professional approach to work?

Does the context matter? i.e Does the criteria change according to the environment?

Just off the top of my head words like competent, considerate, communicative, unbiased, balanced, positive attitude, self-aware, conforms to dress codes, upwardly aspirational or considerate, inclusive, horizon scanning for development, agreeable standards, trust, trials, explorative, objective, information sharing and constructive feedback.

With this in mind, it is possible to see that it is a core set of values in an individual that can give them an overall ‘air of professionalism’ without actually holding a so-called Professional post. Obviously thinking about what values you have requires an amount of soul searching, and whilst appreciating that introspective digging isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon, it can help you compose your CV, and therfore give you a strong guideline for a career development plan.

Without fine tuning to place my values in priority, they naturally spring to mind in some sort of order:

Through-life Learning


Positive attitude


Personal growth




Image & being creative


Well-being balance

One of the most important things for me personally, was matching my set of values to that of my institution. For example, I would find it impossible to work in a Higher Education establishment without having a solid belief in the benefits of qualifications, and respect for what the educational system is continuously trying to achieve. My current employer has centred its Strategic review around ‘Enterprise’ and there is a sense of innovation and creation being stirred up in every member of my current team. The University postulates 5 areas of aims and objectives:

Through-life Learning

Worldclass Research

Plymouth and beyond


Raising Aspirations



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