Peer network group and support

Having read Bethanar’s blog post about the use of social media in networking and having a very public professional career, I realised how much the need to use social media has struck home with me.  I have had a very varied library career starting locally in my Community College, volunteering in the school learning resource centre in order to discover whether my future lay in libraries.

Having come from mostly a retail background, I had studied for my BA(Hons) with the Open University whilst raising small children, in the knowledge that I wanted to return to the workplace in a more meaningful role. From School library to University library (as a shelver), to University College library as a Counter Assistant followed swiftly by Acquisitions library assistant, and then back to the University library as an Information Assistant before achieving my current grade and role as Metadata Administrator 8 years later.

And… could be the area (South West) who knows, but in not one of those roles, did I come across a like-minded fellow, until I started blogging and reading blogs, followed by LinkedIn, and Twitter – and I have not looked back since. Now before this all becomes too boring (I can see you yawning, or worse, skim reading!) I should point out that the fact here is, I receive all of my support from my virtual peer group. Is that sad? My office colleagues are here for the money, or to be fair the books, but the career/networking ‘stuff’ is a non-plus to them. Why would I want or need to do that they ask? This is why:


Despite working in a team of approximately 30 people in an open plan office, I often feel isolated.  I nolonger feel alone……thankyou Twitter!!

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