Apps and information nerds

Now I’m not a techno phobe – I’d be out of a job pretty sharpish if I was, but being a wider picture person, I admit to having trouble with detail… detail I mean reading instructions. So when I got my Palm Pre a couple of months ago, I got the basics running, and left the manual in the box. Recently, a lovely, helpful indirect colleague of mine had to help me out with changing a few settings on my phone, which swiftly became a ‘nerd herd’ session in one of the IT booths of the Information and Learning Service world of the Uni, consisting of comparing SMART phones, Apps, and not least, the new iPAD to your bog standard laptop. I don’t think those men get to see a lot of women is all I can say! Anyway, my point being is that its all much of a muchness, we can all Facebook eachother, Tweet, blog, email, SMS, IM, play games, read word documents and pdfs, check our many calendars, set task reminders, write memos to ourselves and email them, download music, watch YouTube, and oh yes that old fashioned thing – make phonecalls.

So why why why, when a service brings out an App, do they all have to be so different that only some SMART phones can have them?

I’ve just read about the National Library of Scotland launching an App for iPod Touch and iPhone that allows users to view archive manuscripts, letters and documents writter by authors such as Dawin, Austen and Byron. I’m not an archivist, but I am a sucker for an old letter! I want this APP for my Palm Pre please! I know I should be shouting this at ScreenMedia who developed the APP for NLS but somehow I do not think it will be top of their list. Information access for all please……


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