CILIP Brat packers

Shameless self promotion, Cilip blogging, AGMs and Conference tweeting! Lately I have had the good fortune of having an article about my job role published in the Cilip Gazette which followed on from a quick ‘MyWeek’ and some responses I had from that. I also name dropped a couple of colleagues and bloggers who I follow, and I’ve noticed that they too are up to the same tricks, and I can only hope to aspire to their boundless energy and enthusiasm (and time) for being such avid activists and tweeters!

I often come up against brick wall responses at work to ‘thinking outside the box’, new usage of web2 tools for communication and dissemination of information, and as information sharing is big on my agenda in the workplace, I’m often exasperated at either the teams negative attitude towards trying something new, or the politics involved in trying something new which the institute may not have had time to stamp its official approval on.

This is the 21st century isn’t it?

If tweeting at conferences is frowned upon by the very people driving the profession forwards I think we’re in big trouble! Rise up Cilip brat packers, its time for a coup!



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