I…….am a Librarian!


I think I’m a Librarian. Ok so I may not actually have that MSc in my hand for a while yet, but having worked in Libraries for the last 8 years, I only really think of myself in this way. So, sat in the staff room at work (Library), having a bit of banter with a fellow colleague, discussing of all things the variety of people who go out to various designated places around our city, as being of a certain ‘type’. I had to examine this more closely (for comedy effect if nothing else) and attempted to correlate this ‘type’ to buildings and the people who shop there, when my colleague piped up in a room full of people who work in a library “Your problem is that you like to categorize too much!”

Dur…..thats my job! I……..AM A LIBRARIAN!!

One thought on “I…….am a Librarian!

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