When is a library not a library? When its a theatrical show!

Shelf Life is at the Old Library, Swansea, until 25 April. Box office: 01792 602 060


Shelf Life is a collection of quirky snapshots, full of singing and dancing, seeking to show what life was like in Swansea’s Old Library, where it’s staged. We don’t do any dancing in our library, but you might see a little zebra walking about when the toddlers dress up for storytime. No one has ever burst into song either, although you do sometimes have to ask people to turn down their computers. We get a lot of Lady Gaga, and lads playing YouTube clips of rude football chants.

They definitely got the clothes right: natural fibres, flowing skirts from Monsoon, pearls, short hair – always short hair. And they caught the excitement of having all this information and being able to use it to help people with their aspirations. I’m not sure about the couple stripping off while reading, though. No one could remember that ever happening.

I love this! Who cares if its completely accurate…..how can we say all of our libraries are the same anyway! What is has done is put libraries in the news (the cultural news!). Anymore for anymore?

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