Library office conversations…

So I was in the middle of discussing e-resource license metadata, and uploading it to our e-resource management system, when I was distracted by a colleague eating his salt & vinegar McCoys – the alleged ‘man crisps’….I couldn’t just ignore this, and had to pipe up that if crisps had genders, then surely Phileas Fogg crisps were female (being imho of delicate nature). Colleagues in the office overheard and after much discussion we all came to the conclusion that of course Kettle chips were the real ‘man crisps’ (having more fat and therefore much more tasty), and that Morrisons onion rings were not really crisps (well dur of course!). This is all quite sexist really, and I never really consider myself to be more delicate or flakey than my male counterpart; to the contrary I think I’m much more of a Kettle crisp than some of the male ‘weepers’ I’ve encountered……Well……. To think I was actually quite enthusiastic about licensing metadata and yet I was STILL distracted by crisps!  Its not the first time I have to confess…..just this week alone I have overheard a conversation about a chick commando course for charity, the chief cheerleader (who is a professional man) and pom poms, and last but not least The Raw Shark Texts*!  Just as well I’m having a few days off for Easter – I blame ‘Cougar Town’ .

I full intend to return to work more focused, veins of pure cadburys, and not with my skirt tucked into my knickers!

*Eric Sanderson wakes up in a place he doesn’t recognise, unable to remember who he is. Attacked by a force he cannot see and confronted with memories he cannot ignore, Eric discovers he is being hunted by a psychic predator, a shark. This creature may exist only in his mind, but it soon starts making some very real appearances in his world.

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