Trailblazing women!

The Cultural Leadership Programme  announces its 50 “women to watch” .

In the coming years, these ‘Women to Watch’ will be leading the way in design, libraries, literature, museums, heritage, music, performing and visual arts, the historic environment and creative businesses; redressing the gender balance at senior leadership levels in the cultural and creative sector.

The list also celebrates the rich diversity of women in the sector, highlighting talent from a variety of backgrounds – from independent consultants to business directors and those working within some of our leading organisations – and aims to inspire future generations to be equally dynamic and ambitious.

The list includes five women in dance; six in music; five in design, branding and digital media; five in theatre; eight in literature and libraries and four in museums and heritage.

How fantastic is this? I was just drinking a cuppa mulling the struggles I have against the parenting vortex and domestic quagmuire and how exhausting it all is, and how I constantly try to resist it and how tiring it is to resist it, and bam(!) there is it on the front page of the Gazette:  Librarian named ‘woman to watch’.  I sometimes become dispondant about my efforts to maintain a career in the face of parenthood, but this type of article just spurs me on.



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