Boat Race ballyhoo

The crews line up for the weigh in

I felt as if I should give everyone a little nudge about this…….the only sport I have any passion for probably because it lasts approximately 18 minutes!

A short story about this rather delightful excuse to drink champagne early on a Saturday afternoon, is that it was all started by 2 chaps Charles Merivale (Cambridge) and Charles Wordsworth (Oxford) with a little wager, and the first race on Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire. It was 12th March 1829……

To be part of a crew, an athlete has to be a student at either Oxford or Cambridge University. Academic standards are not compromised at either institution for aspiring Boat Race participants.  Each member of the squad undertakes a gruelling programme of daily training throughout the year from September – April whilst juggling these commitments with their studies. Now I’m thinking they’re all heroes as juggling anything with doing studies is a feat in itself and a true test of anyones mettle!

Cambridge hold the record for the quickest win in 16 minutes and 19 seconds.

It takes approximately 600 strokes to complete the course, which is now between Putney and Mortlake and has been since 1845.

Cambridge currently lead the series since 1829 by 79-75. Oxford won the

Now being a Cambridge gal of origin, I’ll be rooting for the light blues! 

Most afternoons the Cambridge squads train on the river at Ely where they have a boat house.

Cambridge’s reserve crew on Boat Race day is called Goldie.



The Boat Race

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