Teaching in librarianship



Teaching in librarianship – to teach or not to teach? Is there a place for it, or is librarianship all about teaching and learning?

Having completed the GTA or Graduate Teaching Associate programme I realise how much teaching is involved not only in my day to day job, but also with metadata and information retrieval systems. The GTA and LTHE 300 form a 20 point level 3 pathway towards the next level – the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. The LTHE 300 is a short intensive course encompassing formative and summative assessment; a teaching observation and discussion complemented by a 5000 word portfolio of evidence of the participants experience with learning outcomes. It provides an opportunity to apply teaching to your personal role, reflect critically on practice and improve effectiveness.

So, here I am standing at the precipice, wondering if the LTHE 300 is for me? Surely as a Metadata  Administrator in the library it seems rather off the beaten track. But I do have a nagging voice at the back of my head somewhere saying “go ahead, its all relevant and will help to improve your leadership skills, and ability to focus on details”.  Accreditation will provide me with words after my name:  Associate of the Higher Education Academy. And I do so unashamedly like letters/words after my name!

2 thoughts on “Teaching in librarianship

  1. Some of my colleagues have done the PG Certificate for Higher Education and really enjoyed it. It’s a lot of hard work from what I can tell, but it’s something I’d really like to do in future. I did want to be a teacher originally so I guess I’m biased, but I love the teaching side of librarianship, hard work but can be so rewarding.

    I say go for it if you’re interested! 🙂

    • Thankyou for the encouragement, sometimes it takes me a while to decide weighing up ability and time. The basics of this course is that you arrange a session with your allocated tutor (once you’ve enrolled) to be observed ‘teaching’ (training etc). This is then written up as formative assessment. Whilst doing that there is also a summative element: 5000 word portfolio with evidence of certain learning outcomes that you have chosen from the list. There are 5 altogether, and you need to do 3 of them. They centre around appropriate of methods, planning sessions, assessment and using learning technologies. The final one is mandatory in your choice and is reflecting on your own teaching and learning.

      In short, the whole thing is about how you use theory to inform practice and evaluate your practice by reviewing literature.
      I do believe in teaching in librarianship, like you, I originally embarked on my degree to be a teacher. Somewhere along the line I lost confidence but gained an abundance of enthusiasm for libraries. This course is only part of the PGHE, and lately I’ve been wondering about GTP’s as well. The later would involve leaving my current role, and at this point, that isn’t something I’m willing to give up unfortunately.
      So thank you again, it would good to get some feedback!

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