My Week

I’ve been overloaded with work and home life things in the last couple of weeks, and therefore had to forego pariticpating in Library Day in the Life. So, in order to feel as if I’ve got something down, here is an example week from my schedule. It can all sound incredibly boring, but to other Metadata Administrators (are there any?) possibly not!

'school trip to Finland'

  • Monday – 3rd probation meeting with my line manager went perfectly alright, no hiccups so far, followed by me writing up my probation notes and doing further induction planning (we have recently employed 3 new members of staff for whom it is my responsibility to write Induction Programme!). I then took a Communications Tools sessions with a new staff person which included email, communicator, blogs, and cloud computing, followed that up by checking the blogs that I follow using igoogle – woodsiegirl, Bethaninfoprof, Joeyanne Librarianne,  BL, LIS, amongst a few more! I was feeling pretty totalled by then and summoned up just enough strength to write a day summary for jobshare colleague
  • Tuesday – Non-work day in theory! School run, completed form for 15yr old son’s immunisation, confirmed 6th form interview app for  daughter, rang 15yr old son in Finland, made notes for next study session, emailed Charlotte my MSc buddy
  • Wednesday – Thankfully I had prepared in advance as first thing chaired the Resource Description Task meeting including a session with a ‘guest’ Subject Librarian. Afterwards met with Vicki my manager, followed by more re-arranging of and writing/planning Induction – this is a messy process!  Organised Journals project with assistant as all the data has to be changed or manipulated for at least 300 titles, wrote up meeting notes and distributed, took a Pebblepad session with new staff person, and wrote day summary for jobshare colleague
  • Thursday  – Another non-work day! School run, drank lots of tea, brainstormed for blog, thought about work (naughty), looked into metadata crosswalks, collected 15yr old son returned from Finland (I had presents including a Moomin so it was ok!), afternoon school run, usual evening but just read and waited for daughter to call at 9pm to collect from school book club/Bugsy Malone show
  • Friday– Continued to rearrange Induction, had meeting with senior managers re Metadata Management System which I will be delving into more closely as it sounds like the future!, Grade 4 meeting to share what we’ve been doing etc, catch up with jobshare colleague on our cross-over period, and  organised a high priority task  list for following week. Exhausted, dropped a week summary into Pebblepad


About me:  Metadata Administrator, University of Plymouth – Charles Seale Hayne Library. BA(Hons) Humanities with History, PGC Humanities, General Teaching Associate, currently studying MSc Information and Library Studies from Aberystwyth. Mum of 3 kids and 3 cats!

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