“Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars”

I’ve been away from my office for several week for various reasons; illness, Christmas, annual leave and school closures, and looking at my email inbox I considered the phrase ‘Keep calm and carry on’ – I do believe the title of the new cd by the Stereophonics, with the lovely Welsh lead singer Kelly Jones…….I know that recently there was an article in the Cilip Gazette (2009 anyway) about the Manic Street Preachers (another Welsh band) opening a library; obviously a small public library, but no doubt all librarians know that there is a national respository library in  Wales  – the NLW. Well if you’re looking for rock stars, there are two hidden ones right there! There are two education officers working within the National Library,  Owen Llywelyn and Rhodri Morgan. Their role is outlined in THE EDUCATION SERVICE POLICY AND STRATEGY 2008 – 2011, and they have a wide range of responsibilities and duties which broadly speaking aim to raise the profile of libraries and education, working with people from all walks of life. Having visited the NLW myself, I can safely say they are the Welsh Ant & Dec, speaking partly in English, partly in Welsh, they provide a wealth of entertainment (sorry boys I mean education) about the beautiful NLW. The tour was an amazing experience; awe inspiring not only of the employees, but of the materials stored within the impressive building.



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